You will need
  • - electronic (digital thermometer).
Prepare the thermometer to work. To do this, wipe the appliance with a damp cloth, press on button and wait until the sensor outcalibrate and the display will flash the characters Lo, and C. Note that at high temperature the air in the room (32°C and above) the sensor will show the temperature of the air.
It is believed that oral temperature measurement (in the mouth) is more accurate and fast. Place the thermometer on the side under the tongue. Throughout the procedure of measurement should not open your mouth to speak and move. The measurement time will be about 1 minute. The thermometer will beep once the temperature will rise less than a tenth of a degree for 15 seconds. Normal body temperature when so measured, is 36,6-37,1 °C.
Temperature measurement in the armpit (axillary). Wipe with a dry cloth the leather (it is important that the measurements were not wet). Put the device in the center of the axillary fossa. For proper contact of the sensor with the skin, push the arm against the body and hold it in this position until the end of the measurement. Time axillary measurement lasts about 1.5-2 minutes. After the tone, hold the thermometer for some time. Remember that the temperature in the axilla to below half a degree, than under the tongue.
Rectal measurement. Conduct this measurement only if it is prescribed by a doctor or other types of measurements impossible. Enter the sensor of the thermometer into the anus by 1.5-2 cm measurement Time is 1 minute. Normal values of rectal temperature measurement method are considered 36,9 – 37,4°C.