To measure body temperature have a small kitten will need special veterinary thermometer. Although you can use ordinary, familiar to all, "human" thermometer. Better to give preference to the electronic thermometer. It measures the temperature of the mercury much faster. And the less time will be spent on measurement, the less nervous kitten.
Measure the temperature of the body in kittens, usually rectal. It is unlikely that the baby will be calm when in his anus try to enter a foreign object. So ask someone to help you in this difficult matter, will need to hold the animal while you're carrying out a measurement.
If a mercury thermometer - shake it, if the email is reset to its previous value by clicking on a specific button. The tip of the thermometer before measuring the temperature of well oil fat baby cream or vaseline.
Put the kitten on the lap or set it on the table, if the baby is calm. If the animal is nervous and escapes from the hands, wrap it in a towel or sheet, leaving the rear part of the body free.
Lift the kitten 's tail very gently, not causing the baby pain, put the thermometer in the rectal hole to a depth of 1-1,5 see Do it continuously, using rotary movements. Talk to the kitten throughout the procedure, praise him, Pat. Such actions will help him to calm down a little.
Mercury thermometer the temperature of the kitten should be measured for 5 minutes. At the end of the temperature measurement with electronic thermometer, as a rule, there was a special signal.
By measuring the temperature of the kitten, wash the thermometer with soap and water and disinfect it with Cologne or alcohol.