To measure the temperature in the oral cavity use only pure medical thermometer. There are two types of such devices: one has a long pointed end, the other short and rounded. The accuracy of their testimony is no different, however, with this method of measurement is more convenient to use a thermometer the first type (the second is used to measure rectal temperature).
Rubbing alcohol tip of the thermometer and place it under the tongue on either side of the frenulum. Tightly close your mouth to avoid contact of the thermometer with cold ambient air. Keep in mind that readings will be inaccurate if you have been drinking hot or cold foods less than half an hour before the measurement. Smoking immediately before the procedure also reduces the accuracy of the result.
Measure the temperature about three minutes. Usually, this is enough time to obtain reliable results.
Rate measurement result. Keep in mind that the temperature in the mouth above 0.3-0.5 degree than in the axilla, so the value to 37.3 is normal.
Again disinfect the thermometer with alcohol and pack it in the plastic case that usually comes with the device.