The known device for measuring temperature is the mercury thermometer. Its advantage lies in the fact that it gives quite accurate readings. But they measure the temperature of infants is not very convenient, after all, the baby before it is necessary to fully undress. The numbers on the scale are hard to see by the light of a lamp. To measure the temperature of a baby mercury thermometer must be within 3-5 minutes. It is quite difficult to do if the kid is naughty and does not want to quietly lying on the ground.
To measure the temperature of baby electronic thermometer is much easier than the mercury. The measurement lasts only a few seconds, and on its completion it will notify the special signal.
Very convenient devices for measuring the temperature of babies is the pacifier thermometer. The baby enjoys sucking his usual subject matter, while electronic display of the thermometer shows its temperature of the body.
The traditional method, with temperature measurement in infants axillary, used by the majority of young mothers. To the readings were more accurate, the thermometer placed in the axilla of the baby, and put his hand on the opposite shoulder.
Some moms use the method of temperature measurement in the groin crease babies. The thigh of toddler need to lean on the tummy and firmly hold it in this position during measurement.
Few parents dare to rectal measurement of temperature in infants. Although this method is considered the most accurate. The baby at the time of measurement should be laid on the left side. The tip of the thermometer is pre-lubricated greasy baby cream, enter into the rectum of the baby by 3-5mm. Rectal temperature is always 3-4 degrees higher than axillary.
Experienced moms determine, high fever in infants or normal, the touch of his lips to her forehead, but rather to the neck of the baby. Of course, if the child's body was shown to the mother hotter than normal, the temperature should be measured with a thermometer, to determine the exact figures.