What temperature is considered normal for an infant

Parents need to know that the infants body temperature can have non-standard values even when the normal health of the child. For example, instead of the usual 36,6 OS it can be changed to 37.5. Sometimes the figure can reach 37,7 OS, and it will be the normal body temperature in infants. The data can constantly change. This happens due to the fact that the final and stable temperatures are generated only at the end of the first year of life of the newborn. But by that time it may considerably exceed the usual indicators.

Once again not to panic with the unexpected increase in the values and know what is the normal temperature in infants, it is recommended to determine the exact rate individually for your child. To measure it you need only when baby is calm and feels good. Take the temperature for several days and then average the readings. This will be the individual value of the normal temperature for your child.

Increased body temperature in infants. Should I be concerned?

A sharp increase in body temperature in the newborn – a very common phenomenon. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as teething, overheating in hot weather, allergic reactions to the vaccine, the pill and other medication, fatigue and dehydration. Such jumps of the degrees are usually very frighten parents and cause them to have panic.

If you find it, do not rush to resort to antipyretic drugs, pay attention to the condition of the baby. If it feels OK, you can wait until these symptoms disappear, because the normal temperature in infants is very fickle. Ventilate the room if it is too stuffy, perhaps this was the reason for the changes. Give the child some water, change their clothes in the less warm clothes.

Remember that the presence of elevated temperature is better than its absence, because it means that the body is struggling with a possible infection. Therefore it is not necessary to dramatically reduce it, as this may cause serious damage to the child's immunity.

Please note chair baby. If it is too liquid, it will be the signal to hike to the pediatrician and a more thorough inspection.