Check whether the thermometer needs shaking. If he so indicates the temperature is below thirty-five degrees, to carry out this procedure to anything. If a mercury thermometer is divided into several, shake it no matter what temperature it shows.
Before you shake the thermometer, make sure it does not touch any objects, regardless of their hardness. If you are sure not to drop the thermometer, entrust this transaction to someone from home. Measuring the temperature of the child, do not allow him to shake the thermometer itself.
Stand face to the soft couch, on which nothing rests. Take the thermometer in your right hand so that the bulb of mercury was directed forward. Clamp it not too hard, not to crush, but not too loosely, so as not to drop. If you are afraid to crush the measuring device ring, clear latest at the time of shaking.
Very shaken make. Take the thermometer in your right hand as described above. Extend your arm and raise up, then sharply down. Shaking the thermometer this a few times, look at his scale. If the readings still exceed thirty-five degrees, repeat the procedure.
Put the thermometer under his arm. Hold it there for ten minutes, sitting still. Then remove and read the testimony. Hold the thermometer in such a position that the light is well reflected from the mercury column, otherwise you will not see anything.
After use be sure to put the thermometer in the box and hide in a place inaccessible to children and Pets. If you measure the temperature of children or animals you often, or you are not sure that they are in the measurement will not break the thermometer accidentally or on purpose, get an electronic thermometer and mercury hand over in point of reception of mercury-containing wastes.