Advice 1: How to put the thermometer

To measure the temperature of the body people use different types of thermometers. Thermometers are alcohol, mercury or electronic. How to put the thermometer to get more precise measurement result?
How to put the thermometer
Gently shake a few times mercury thermometer so the mercury dropped to a mark not above 35,5°C. the Electronic thermometer before use, you need to run by pressing a special button.
Decide where you are going to put the thermometer. Children up to years the temperature measured in the rectum. Older adolescents are accustomed to put the thermometer under his arm. Some prefer to measure the temperature by holding a thermometer in his mouth.
When measuring the temperature rectally (in the rectum) lubricate the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly and lift the baby's legs up, gently insert the thermometer to a depth of not more than 1 cm Hold the thermometer 2-3 minutes.
When measuring axillary wipe armpit sweat to not affect the measurement accuracy. Put the thermometer and press firmly over the elbow to the body, so that the thermometer does not shift. Keep a mercury thermometer should be at least 5-7 minutes. Electronic thermometer need to hold for another minute after the beep.
After the allotted time, remove the thermometer and take readings. For rectal measurement method normal temperature is considered an indicator 36,8-37,5°C. When measured in the armpit temperature is normal can vary in the range of 36.3-36,8°C.
After measuring the temperature of rinse or wipe thermometer with antiseptic and put it out of reach of children.
Electronic thermometers can remember the last measurement results. Mercury thermometer after the measurement is not Strachowice, it will allow you not to forget when the doctor comes.
Useful advice
In all ways of measuring temperature it is necessary to lie or sit. Saying that walking, laughing and even talking can affect the accuracy of the result.

Advice 2: How to dispose of the thermometer

Mercury thermometer, or as it is called in common parlance, the thermometeris in the medicine Cabinet of every family. Unlike electronic thermometers his readings are always accurate, it does not need batteries and if handled properly, this thermometer will last 20-30 more years. But nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later before the host raises the question of the disposal of your old thermometer.
How to dispose of the thermometer
As the name implies, the composition of the thermometer contain mercury. In one the thermometere contains up to 2 grams of heavy metal. The mercury is enclosed in a transparent glass tube which is very easy to break. Spilled mercury by itself is not dangerous, dangerous vapors, inhaling which, a person can get severe poisoning with far-reaching consequences for health. Used the thermometer should be disposed of in the trash or bury in the ground, it must be subjected to special disposal.
If the thermometer outwardly intact, but has served the century, it must accept for recycling organizations and pharmacies, which must be in special containers. But it all sounds nice in theory only. In life, you have to find a container, some private firms are taking the old thermometerand 10-30 rubles apiece, and if you are lucky enough to get contacts of the company, nor in any way do not lose them. You are more useful in utilization of energy saving mercury lamps. But if all your searches were unsuccessful, take the matter into their own hands. Find an empty bottle with a tight screw cap. Fill the bottle with a strong solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), dip in a solution of a thermometer and tightly close the bottle. This bottle can be left in a safe place until better times, or if the situation is completely hopeless, buried away from people and animals.
But if the thermometer breaks and the mercury it entails, in need of urgent decontamination room. Call your local emergency service and outline the situation to them. In most cases, rescuers go out on such calls and conduct proper processing. If you are left with the problem alone, don't panic. Just do it consistently.
- Open the window or window
- Put on gloves and pick up fragments of the thermometerand. With a rubber pear or a napkin moistened with oil, collect the visible mercury droplets.
- Mercury and glass fragments and place in a jar with water, tightly close the lid
- The place of the spill of mercury treat strong solution of bleach or potassium permanganate. In an extreme case, suitable concentrated soap-soda solution.
- Thoroughly ventilate the room.
The Bank try to put in the recycling, before that, try not to expose it to heat. Not pegmatite the scene of an accident with a broom, so you'll only break small balls of mercury in the dust. Do not try to vacuum this place. You only facilitate the process of evaporation of mercury and the vacuum will have to throw out. The last time the mercury thermometeris replaced and looks very similar to them with spirit thermometers. Alcohol is not as dangerous to humans as mercury, consider a thermometer as an alternative, when you purchase a new thermometer.

Advice 3: How to choose an electronic thermometer

Among the huge variety of medical thermometers the most popular is undoubtedly an electronic thermometer. The advantages of the electronic thermometer to other instruments intended for the measurement of body temperature is obvious: it is completely safe and easy to use, and has additional useful features, and always signals the end of measurement.
How to choose an electronic thermometer

Choosing a good electronic thermometer

One of the most useful functions of a modern electronic thermometer is its ability to remember the last measurement results and output them to the display device if necessary. Especially important this option is for those who want to track the temperature of your body dynamics.

When choosing electronic thermometer note the time required for the device for measuring temperature. The average duration determine the body temperature of modern electronic thermometer can vary from a half to three minutes. The most convenient and preferred choice is the device spending in the measurement of body temperature the minimum amount of time.
It is especially important to choose an electronic thermometer with a minimum duration of measurement to those who are planning to use the device to measure the temperature of the body is not only adults but also children.

According to the method of supply, all electronic thermometers are divided into devices that are powered from batteries which can be replaced in case of battery charging, and a battery that is not designed for the removal of the device and replacement. At first glance, the electronic thermometers with batteries easier, because dead elements at any time can be replaced. However, as can be seen from the practice, that moment comes most often at the wrong time, so the spare batteries from the owners of such devices should always be at hand.

Rechargeable electronic thermometers, though, and are considered disposable because of the impossibility of replacing the battery, have very long life. And if you use such a device for measuring body temperature twice a day, its service life is 2-3 years.
People with weak eyesight is to give preference to electronic thermometer with backlight and large digits.

What electronic thermometer to choose for the child

For the measurement of body temperature in young children designed electronic thermometers with flexible rubber tips. Such a device will keep a restless toddler from hurting and greatly facilitate the life of the mother.

A very useful tool to measure body temperature in children is considered to be an electronic thermometer in the form of a dummy. This arrangement is well measure the body temperature and almost no different from an ordinary nipple, except that it is built inside a special sensor that measures the temperature and displays the results on a small screen located most often on the outside of the nipples.

Advice 4: What are the thermometers

It seems that the procedure in which you want to measure the temperature of a person is quite simple but actually it is not so. Therefore, to achieve accurate measurement of body temperature, you need to choose the right thermometer.
What are the thermometers
Types of thermometers

Probably all familiar with this type of thermometer like mercury. It is made of a glass tube filled with mercury. Mercury thermometer can be called the most accurate and easy to use. They can measure the temperature in different places of the body, in the armpit, in the mouth and even in the anus. The main disadvantage of such devices lies in the fact that it contains toxic mercury, which vapors are very dangerous for human health.

Electronic thermometer digital. Devices of this type, just as mercury can be called universal, they also possible to measure the temperature of the body in many places, the exception is the auricle. The main difference between digital thermometers from mercury can be called the speed measure. In order to obtain data on body temperature, it will take no more than one minute. The measurement result is displayed on the screen of the thermometer. The disadvantages of digital thermometers is a small inaccuracy of the measurements.

Several varieties of devices for measuring body temperature

Thermometer-nipple. This is a new kind of digital thermometers designed for measuring body temperature in young children. It works exactly the same as regular digital thermometer. But this thermometer has its drawbacks. First, the negative side of this device is a small error of measurements, very often it gives an error of 0.1°. Second, it measures the temperature for a long time, it must be kept in the mouth up to 5 minutes.

Infrared ear thermometer. Only with the help of this device can measure temperature in the human ear. The sensor of this thermometer is introduced into the auditory canal, and in just a few seconds, the measurement result is displayed. But such a thermometer to measure the temperature of a newborn child, because toddlers have a very narrow ear canal.

Infrared forehead thermometer. This device is very convenient to use. For measuring temperature takes only a few seconds. To do this, it must be close enough to the skin, and it is possible to measure temperature even from a short distance.

Strips to measure temperature. They represent records that can be applied on the forehead or in the mouth. They measure the temperature very quickly, in just 15 seconds. These strips are best to use while traveling where there is no possibility to carry regular thermometer. The indications of such a thermometer is necessary to add 0.5 deg because they show the temperature is lower than in reality.

Advice 5: What are the thermometers

Traditional mercury thermometers were replaced with other types: electronic, non-contact, infrared, and even disposable. There are thermometers-pacifier and ear thermometers. Select the type you need depending on your requirements: someone needs to quickly measure the temperature of someone- to get the most accurate value.
What are the thermometers

Mercury thermometers

Before mercury thermometers were not unique, and all use of this device, inside of which is enclosed hazardous substance – mercury. But this thermometer has a number of advantages for which it is used still. First, it is one of the most accurate devices for measuring temperature: neither electronic nor other modern thermometers are not precision.

Second, mercury thermometer well that measures the temperature in any conditions, extraneous factors do not affect the results. In addition, the glass mercury thermometer can be disinfected by dropping in a liquid solution.

Due to this quality they are still used in many medical institutions.

Mercury thermometer – the cheapest of all the peers, although gradually this situation is changing: the mercury is more expensive, and the design of electronic devices reduces the cost.

The main disadvantages of this thermometer for a long temperature measurement and the danger of mercury. Glass device is easily broken, and two grams of contained liquid metal, or rather its fumes have an adverse impact on the human body.

Electronic thermometers

Electronic thermometers are deprived of the main disadvantages of mercury devices: they are harmless to health and allow you to quickly measure the temperature. This is especially important for children who find it difficult to sit for 5 minutes still with a thermometer under his arm. Electronic thermometers show the result in a minute, many of them published in the right moment sound.

In addition, these devices often remain in the memory of the results that allows you to follow the course of the disease or condition.

These are more expensive than mercury thermometers, but they are more durable – not break. Over time they are becoming more traditional thermometers are gradually disappear from the market, they are replaced by electronic devices. Disinfecting them is more complicated – some models do not dipped in the solutions. In addition, these thermometers, especially the poor and cheap, have small errors in measurement.

Infrared other thermometers

In addition to mercury and electronic, there are other types of thermometers. Infrared thermometers are divided into two types: temporal and ear. They are very comfortable thanks to the contactless measurement method, but at the same time do not have a good accuracy, but are expensive.

The thermometer button is a special little thermometer to measure rectal temperature in children under three years. It is safe, accurate, but short-lived.

Disposable thermometers are called terroristami is strips that are applied to the forehead or put in your mouth. After fifteen seconds to know the result. They are cheap and convenient, but very inaccurate – some do not show the numeric value, but only display letter symbols: the temperature is normal, raised or lowered.
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