How to buy fabric

Decide how much you buy fabric. It depends on the size and style. If the skirt straight or flared, and the bearer of the future of the outfit is the hip measurement is not more than 120 cm, it is enough to buy a piece of fabric equal to the length of the skirt. Plus 6-7 cm ACC upper and lower body. For the first cut enough fabric width 1.40 cm, for the second – 1,50 cm

If you want to sew a full skirt or can boast of their large volume, you will need 2 lengths of fabric, plus 8 cm, But this is just for the skirt. Women's summer suit consists of jacket with short or long sleeves. For him, the fabric consumption is calculated on the same principle. But there are more plays the role of width and size of the wearer.

Skirt without a pattern

The fabric is purchased, you can begin the process of creating a costume. For its upper part will need a pattern. Skirt for summer can sew without it. For this time of year, choose a thin fabric, they drape well. Take cloth, put it wide, so many inches, how many equal your hip measurement, plus another half. The length you have chosen. Cut out the resulting rectangle, sew it in the middle. This seam will be the back.

Fold the top fabric on the wrong side, attrocity edge. Pass in the formed yoke gum. Hem the bottom. Skirt ready.

Skirt patterns

If you want to sew a skirt that tight, you need the exact pattern. Peresnimite it on tracing paper. Mark tuck front and rear. First sew them. Then connect 2 fabrics (front and rear) underside to each other, stitch the side seams. Leave the left side 10-12 cm for the zipper not sewn. Vacate her. Sew the waistband. First, attach the face to the underside of the skirt, stitch the 2 canvases together. Athlete seam. Remove the belt on the "person". Sew to front side of skirt. Pull up the bottom.


To make this part fancy toilet, fold the fabric in half. Lay the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the canvas. Outline, cut them out. Sew the sides of the shelves and back. If the back of the product does not cap, first stitch the 2 parts in the middle. Sew shoulder seams.

Tissue blanks for each sleeve prostrochite in the middle. Vacate them into the armhole so that the seam was on the line of the armpits. Tuck the cuffs of sleeves, attrocity. If the model requires podpischiki baste from the wrong side.

Iron, attach the tape to the Central parts of the shelves on the inside. Here sewn podborta. To do this, fold them right sides with the Central parts of the front of the jacket (one will later be sewn-on buttons, on the other – made loops). Prostrochite. Turn on the front side, zautyuzhte. Finish with a serger edge of podborov.

On the right shelf to sew buttons on the left-hand sewn loop, then carefully cut inside to thread into the holes of the buttons. Pull up the bottom. If the model has patch pockets, first hem the top, then sew to the shelves. Costume ready.