Nice clothes - not necessarily fashionable. First and foremost, she has to sit on the figure, to emphasize its strengths and hide weaknesses. Look closely at yourself in the mirror and think about what external qualities you are endowed by nature. Beautiful Breasts? Then the neckline is not enough. Slim waist and slender legs? Make a choice in favor of tight trousers or short skirts (though, to overdo it with the mini too, not worth it).
If you don't know what kind of clothes suits you best, sit in front of the TV in the middle of the day. Usually, at this time, most female television broadcasts, show program with participation of stylists. Each issue in the Studio there is a new "victim". If it is external data like yours, listen carefully to the advice given to the main character of professionals.
To be in trend, in the view of several fashion shows. If satellite dish you have, go online and analyze what they sell in this season. Carefully review the range of online stores and imagine which of the presented models is to sit on you.
In the global network you will find lots of advice on the selection of clothes for different types of shapes. If you want you can download from the Internet even the video instructions for the creation of a particular model.
So the clothes you sew yourself, look good, do not skimp on material. It is still cheaper than buying ready-made stuff. Do not be greedy and decorative elements. Buttons, lace and other decorations should look impressive, not clumsy.
If you already have an idea that you are going to sew, bought material and made the pattern, you can safely proceed to the creation of things. Be sure that the clothesmade by your own hands, you will wear with pleasure.