Choose the fabric

The easy jumpsuit is a pants in Oriental style, United with the topic. For this dress ideal natural or artificial silk, chiffon, and thin Jersey. In principle, suitable even for cotton or satin. As for quantities, it depends on the width of the cut. If width is greater than the circumference of the hips, a single length of the product. Style top can be different. The easiest option – two very wide straps. They crisscross in front and back and fastened to the belt. This suit can be worn without a blouse, the top looks like a camisole. Don't forget that in addition to fabric you will need:
- thread of suitable color and quality;
- wide elastic;
- 4, 8 or 12 identical buttons.
Cotton fabric in front of the crack needs to be washed or ironed through a damp cloth.

Pattern not needed

To find this suit, whether it is women's or children's, can be quite fast. Measure the girth of waist and hips and the length of the sciatic seam, total length of pants and strapless. Summer Romper can be with shorts, Bermuda, Capri or Eastern pants of a type "Aladdin." Design options of NCDs is also quite a lot – skirt-pants with serged or hemmed edges, elastic band pants, etc. Measure the length of the straps. For this zero mark with the tape measure attach to a point at the waist about 5 cm to the right of the navel. Lay the centimeter diagonally over the left shoulder, then on the back, also diagonally, to a point on the lower back. The end point is directly opposite the one on which there is a zero mark. Cutting is done directly on the fabric. Lay out the fabric, find the center of the segment (to identify). Fold to the midline edge. Take 2 of the same rectangle, the long side of which is equal to the length of the product, plus 3-4 cm to the processing of the top and bottom. The short side should be not less poluobhvat hips. It is better to make the pants wider, especially if the fabric drape well. Length strapless you measured and the width can be any.
Better to find the straps a little longer than necessary.

Collect jumpsuit

The lower part of the Romper consists of two symmetrical parts. Fold both rectangles in half, mark where it will end suture of the sciatic. Sweeps and sostrochite stepper seams. Then one leg of a turn on the front side and the other on the wrong. First put in the second, sweeps the sciatic joint. Remove the product, sew upper edge seam "forward needle" and try that you get. Adjust the product on the figure. Sew a wide elastic band, laying the fabric folds. Sew on the waistband buttons. Treat the lower sections of the leg. They can simply be covered up with the serger, if it shorts or Bermudas. On Eastern long pants is better to make the drawstring, bent low on 0.5 and 1 cm and inserting elastic. Will look good and style with wide bands to match the belt.

Collect the top

If you sew jumpsuit in fine knit, shoulder straps can double not make. Cut out rectangles the desired length and width, process all the slices overlock. Pull your pants up, pin the straps to the belt of a tailor's pins, mark the locations for the hinges. Make a Welt loop, treat them loopy seam. If the straps are very wide, they can easily turn the topic into sewing a few stitches under the arms.