You will need
  • - Plastic garbage bags;
  • - nylon yarn/Christmas "rain"/synthetic rope/natural or artificial raffia;
  • - scissors;
  • - stapler/glue.
Take a large plastic garbage bag with ties. Want to buy bags of green or white, so the skirt was more like a traditional skirt dancers hula.
Attach this package to the figure at a level slightly below the waist and mark the desired length of the skirt just below the knee or to the ankle. Cut off the excess length of the garbage bag.
Slice the package into multiple strips, as narrow as possible. With scissors cut the bag before the drawstring. Be careful not to accidentally cut drawstring with tie closure.
The skirt below was more lush, cut in the same way a couple of garbage bags and attach them to the first bag with a stapler so the metal brackets were not too noticeable. Wear a makeshift skirt on and tie it at the waist or hips.
Similarly, it is possible to construct a skirt from other scrap materials: tree "rain", unbraided synthetic ropes, nylon fiber, affordable yarn. If funds allow, you can use the traditional natural raffia.
Cut a wide thick ribbon for the base of the skirt to which you will mount thread. Its length is equal to the circumference of the waist plus 10-15 cm on a clasp and smell. Of the above materials or other fibers like them, cut many strands whose length is twice the length of the skirt. Gently fold the strands together.
Take a small bunch of strands and fold it in half. Thread or a stapler, attach the beam at the bending place on the tape-the Foundation closer to its bottom. Also attach the rest of the thread. Skirt can be transparent, single layer, and the lush, tightly adjacent to each other filaments in several layers. Sew two buttons or hooks on the waistband of the skirt.
You can also make a skirt of crepe paper, cut it into narrow strips, which are attached to a satin ribbon (waist girth plus the increase in ties – 25 cm). Paper strips can also be glued to the backing or staples to attach.