Almost every woman there are things, like and nice, but lying somewhere on the far shelf of the closet and waiting in the wings. With the help of imagination and basic skills with a needle can give those things the author's style, to diversify your wardrobe and save the family budget from unexpected expenses.

Reinvent pants

The main essence of the alteration to clothing the needs changed the shape of the body is reduced to sewing comfortable elastic inserts located in the region growing belly. For these purposes, best suited stretchable fabric: spandex, quality knitwear, viscose or cotton with added elastane, these materials will have a good fit and will help to avoid sewing the elastic band.

In order to properly redo the pants, you need to stand in them in front of the mirror and buttoning his zipper or buttons, and tailor's chalk to outline the semicircular contour of the abdomen. Next, with scissors carefully cut this piece together with the belt and his place as neatly sewn item made of elastic fabric. It is important to remember that when inserting a new item, the fabric should not stretch. The seam from the inside is treated with a serger or zigzag.

Another way of alteration of pants involves ripping the side seams and cutting the upper part of the front. The lower line of the cut should pass just above the seam – if the pants are zipper"lightning", the slice usually goes right under it.

Replace the cut portion a wide strip of elastic fabric. If you plan to wear the new pants throughout the pregnancy, the band can take the stock and the excess tissue to collect in the beautiful folds on the sides, rasprava them as needed.

Брюки для беременной

Remake skirt

It is just as easy to alter and skirt, turning it into a fashionable, beautiful and stylish article of clothing a pregnant woman. For these purposes, a good fit, flared, loose pattern: skirt try on, cut off its top, usually by grabbing and zipper, then sew a semi-circular yoke knitted in a contrasting or blending in with the skirt.

To cut out Flirty skirt try on in front of the mirror, tracing chalk outlines of the abdomen, and then transfer them to tracing paper and use for cutting parts. It is important to remember that when designing a pattern you need to leave 0.5-1cm for the seam. From scraps of fabric used for the yoke, you can find additional decorative details: edging, bows, tassels, flowers.