You will need
  • – a document certifying the citizen's identity;
  • – insurance certificate of state pension insurance — SNILS (at presence).
Unlike the old forms of policy, in the new document, no data are available on registration. It is quite convenient because it allows insured persons to receive adequate medical care in any region of the Russian Federation, in contrast to the previous scheme. Also the insured can choose medical institution and the doctor that will increase competition for patients among health organizations. It is the intention of the legislators should improve the quality of medical services.
New insurance paper is made in the typographical way on the form A5 blue colour, the paper contains several degrees of protection against counterfeiting, including watermarks and guilloche background composition.
The front side of paper of insurance contains full details of the insured person. At the top of the sheet is the image of the State emblem of the Russian Federation and the inscription "the Policy of obligatory medical insurance". The following is a personal 16-digit number of the insured in a single database MLA.
The line below is printed a bar code, containing full details of the owner of the policy, the relevant columns should be entered the full name, sex, date and place of birth. In addition, must specify the period of validity of the document. The data certified by the signature of the representative of the insurance company and seal of this organization. The authenticity of the policy is confirmed by the holographic sticker, which must be present at the allotted place for it.
On the reverse side under corresponding numbers provides graphs to extend the validity of the document, at the bottom of the sheet is printed with its sequence number. The disadvantage of this policy is, it is not too easy to handle. It cannot be stored in collapsed form, laminate, resulting in careless storage of the document will be unusable.
Along with the paper form insurance organizations give also a new electronic map of medical insurance. Outwardly, this device resembles a regular plastic debit card. On the obverse is the State emblem of the Russian Federation, the logo for the system, installed the CHIP, which stores information about the insured person. In the lower part should stand the 16-digit registration number of the insured person.
On the back show a contact phone number of the insurance company, in a special box placed a graphic image of the signature of the owner of the policy, located below his picture, full name, date of birth. Also there is a holographic sign confirming the authenticity of the document and its serial number, there should be a reference on the validity of the policy.