What rights becoming a citizen of the MHI policy

Under current legislation the citizen, included in the system of medical insurance has the right to receive free medical care in Russia. The insurance entitles the citizen to receive outpatient, emergency, dental care in any medical institution of the Russian Federation, even outside the region of residence.

This document required to present when applying to the clinic, if you call the ambulance, when placing the patient on the patient treatment, during dispanserization events in the provision of citizen dental care under the program of compulsory medical insurance (not including prosthetics and cosmetic services). He also gives right to receive free high-tech medical care within the established quotas.

The right to receive medical insurance are not only working citizens, but also unemployed persons, children and pensioners. To issue health insurance needs the company is the policyholder under the personal statement of the citizen on the basis of his passport data. At the conclusion of the contract of compulsory health insurance the citizen can choose any of the companies licensed to provide services similar happy. In the provision of medical services of improper quality has a right to compensation for moral and material damage caused by the representatives of the medical organization.

In case of loss of medical insurance citizen should write a letter to your medical insurance company about the loss of the document. According to this statement, the company, the policyholder is obliged to issue a new document confirming the right of the citizen to free health care services.

How does the health insurance policy

Insurance must contain the following information about the citizen:

- Name of the insured person;
- date of birth;
- the number of the contract and its duration;
- the bar code;
- for protection against counterfeit insurance policies must be provided with a hologram.

On the reverse side of the health policy, specify a contact telephone company of the insurer, its address and email.

The types of medical insurance

In addition to the mandatory health insurance the citizen can enter into a contract of voluntary insurance. These types of insurance differ in the mechanism of formation and transfer of insurance payments. At OMS insurance payments to the medical institution for the citizen are carried out by the insurer. At the conclusion of the contract of voluntary medical insurance the citizen pays the premiums on his own or the statement of the company-the employer pays these contributions from his salary.

Program of voluntary medical insurance differ from the MHI quality and quantity of services provided. When you purchase a voluntary health insurance policy a citizen meets a list of services that will be provided under this document. Depending on the amount of insurance payments package will vary. To conclude agreements of voluntary health insurance needs of people who are not eligible to receive free medical services, including stateless persons of the Russian Federation, but living on its territory.