The most readily available way is to check your call history with the mobile phone. Go to menu, find the Journal tab and then click "Outbox". If you want to view the duration of the last call select "last call Duration".
Well, what if the phone gets lost or just missing? In this case, you can order the details of your account. To do this, contact the nearest office of your mobile operator, write a statement putting all the passport data. If the SIM card is not registered to you, then take the owner a notarized power of attorney in your name.
To order call details you can and through the Internet. To do this, use the online assistant or service guide. Go to the official website of your mobile operator, locate the login button in the personal access. Then enter the ten digit phone number and password you must register earlier (by calling the short number or using the USSD command).
After finding the account, find the menu item "Detail of call". You will see the settings page of detail here specify the period method of sending this information (by email or otherwise), select a format (HTML or other). Some systems require you to enter a password so that upon receipt of detail she could only use you.
Click on the word "Order". After that, the system again prompts you to confirm the accomplishment of this operation, click on OK. Within a few minutes, and sometimes hours, this information will be sent to you. This service is available for a small fee which will be deducted from your account.