You should contact the operator to provide detail of calls for a certain required period. For this you can appear in the company's service center with your passport or any document proving the identity, and if the operator provides such service, then order it by e-mail or when a certain USSD-request, pre-pay (if required).
Coming to the service, you should write an application giving the detail of calls for a certain period. You definitely need to specify you want a printout of phone calls in one month, two or three, and maybe in six months. Remember, each of the operators can provide a printout of calls for a specified period not exceeding 1 year. That is for 2 or 3 years, therefore no one will give you the following information
Wait (if required) a few days, usually 1-3 days, and then take a printout or get it in the mail, if it is stipulated by the operator.
Now the second question, which you can see on the printout and how to look at a printout of calls received on the form.
On the printout of calls , you can view the numbers you called or called from your phone or from received calls to you, the date and the exact time of the beginning and end of the call, its duration and payment for the call, as well as all the information about incoming and outgoing sms, number, time of departure or reception and cost
To find the desired date
Find the right phone number
to determine the type of call or message (incoming-outgoing, SMS, MMS), duration
View phone numbers and other information requested in accordance with the date.