Subscribers with prepaid system of calculations to obtain the service quickly is very simple, you simply log on to the website and order detail, however to do so can only an individual but the representative of the organization will still have to visit the office of the company and to grant power of attorney to receive information.
Also, you can enjoy the detail of calls, by calling, by sending a request by Fax or email. The statement must specify the number of the phone for detail, account number, the period of interest and at the end add "payment guarantee", then put a date and signature and wait for information.
Detail you can get all the calls over the last 8 months of service, it is possible to affect the period of 3 years, however, is a very expensive service.
The information provided will contain the list of all phone numbers that participated in the inbound and outbound calls, duration of calls, the cost of each call, the transcript of the call type and even information about the SMS messages and GPRS traffic.
Don't forget that this is a paid service and hence you need to order it in the most efficient way. For example, for subscribers of postpaid payment system, when ordering services through the site, it is free, and prepaid system – would amount to no more than 35 rubles. Order of service in the office will cost more in the amount of not more than 70 rubles. So it is much easier, more economical and faster to use the services through the official website of Beeline.