If a call arrives at your telephone, for tracking purposes please contact the service support center of their mobile operator. Write the corresponding statement with a request about the details of your account and also on obtaining information on incoming calls. Don't forget to provide your passport to confirm identity. A way to get information is possible only in case if your number was just for you. If you bought it spouse, a cellular company will provide only the owner of the room.
In some cases, to trace by law enforcement requests. If you need information on an incoming call on a mobile phone of another person, then you need to contact the police and write a statement asking to find out who called. They will send an official request to the service provider and get all the necessary information. The same applies to calls which are defined as "the number." However, use this method only if you are in danger or are threatened. Otherwise the police even to do you will not.
And, of course, the Internet to help you. The craftsmen have long ago invented a special program that is free can be easily found on the world wide web. Just download to your computer and connect it to your mobile phone. Plus, this program is that it can even record the negotiations with the desired number. Note, however, that this method of obtaining information contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. So, is illegal. Therefore, the resulting data you can use for yourself.
If you to track mobile call alone you can not contact your mobile operator. In his disposal there are a number of programs that will record calls to your number. They can be used to monitor the frequency of incoming calls and frequency. The only negative - the service is chargeable.