Advice 1: How to track mobile call

Tracking mobile phone calls the moment that occupies the minds of many. Jealous, distrustful of people, businessmen and employees of law enforcement bodies. Since you can know, someone who most often call, if one of the spouses lives on the side where the phone of the suspect at the time of the crime. And each of them has its own way of tracking call received by cell phone.
How to track mobile call
If a call arrives at your telephone, for tracking purposes please contact the service support center of their mobile operator. Write the corresponding statement with a request about the details of your account and also on obtaining information on incoming calls. Don't forget to provide your passport to confirm identity. A way to get information is possible only in case if your number was just for you. If you bought it spouse, a cellular company will provide only the owner of the room.
In some cases, to trace by law enforcement requests. If you need information on an incoming call on a mobile phone of another person, then you need to contact the police and write a statement asking to find out who called. They will send an official request to the service provider and get all the necessary information. The same applies to calls which are defined as "the number." However, use this method only if you are in danger or are threatened. Otherwise the police even to do you will not.
And, of course, the Internet to help you. The craftsmen have long ago invented a special program that is free can be easily found on the world wide web. Just download to your computer and connect it to your mobile phone. Plus, this program is that it can even record the negotiations with the desired number. Note, however, that this method of obtaining information contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. So, is illegal. Therefore, the resulting data you can use for yourself.
If you to track mobile call alone you can not contact your mobile operator. In his disposal there are a number of programs that will record calls to your number. They can be used to monitor the frequency of incoming calls and frequency. The only negative - the service is chargeable.

Advice 2 : How to track cell phone

To track location of a cell phone and its owner by using a special USSD-command and services. Lots of them give major mobile operators. However, to make a search you will be able only in case if a wanted person will give you their consent.
How to track cell phone
The subscribers of "Beeline" in the order number 684, which they can send SMS message containing the text "L" and the number 06849924 to which you want to call. The cost of each request by any of these numbers is 2 rubles 05 kopecks (or more, depending on how you have a data plan).
If you know the subscriber "MTS", you will easily be able to find it. This was possible thanks to the emergence of such services as "Locator". First, you must send a request with the mobile number of the person you are looking at 6677. If this person will send their confirmation, the operator will tell you its coordinates. The sending of the request will facilitate your score by about 10 or 15 rubles (the final amount depends on the connected rate).
The company "Megaphone" for looking the other man in the room his phone is a few convenient and simple services and rooms. First, there is nothing easier than to send USSD-request to number *148* subscriber's number# (enter number in international format +7). Second, features 0888, by which it is possible to contact the operator and request a search of the other party. In addition, you have the opportunity to obtain interesting information about the location directly on the website, located at
After the operator is received and processed your request on the wanted phone number will receive a notification with the number of your mobile phone. And the owner of the phone should either allow you to track its coordinates, or to deny it. To give his consent, he will need to send to the room 000888 with the text message, which will indicate your mobile. Each request in the "MegaFon" is worth five rubles. About other features search mobile phones you can find on the official website of the operator.

Advice 3 : How to track a cell phone

With us, decent citizens, there are all kinds of small time crooks. What a shock feels like, his hand in his pocket and not finding his beloved cell phone!First still a glimmer of hope that he absentmindedly shifted the cell phone in another pocket or bag, or simply forgot. Such moments experienced in their life, many people, but not everyone knows how to track the location of a mobile phone.
How to track a cell phone
You will need
  • A friend's phone.
What can you offer the lucky owner of the phonewho thinks that these stories can happen to anyone, but not him? How can you best protect yourself?First check the settings of your phone. If there is a function greetings when you enable, then write just something like: "If my phone will be in your hands, please call the number ... I would be very grateful". If there is no such function, then print out these words and stick on the back side on the phone itself.
If, however, you find that the phone is stolen, do not despair, the output is still there.
I advise you to remain calm, not to panic.
If your phone is stolen in a closed room, and you notice it, ask any person to dial your number. Listen, you can hear your signal. Thus the thief can quickly catch or - Oh, happiness! – find your phone forgotten, for example, near the cash register.
If the phone is stolen and the thief was a professional, he immediately disconnects the phone. Don't worry, the phone eventually it will turn, being far from the place of theft.
If your account is a big amount of money, I advise you to call the operator with a request to block outgoing calls. Now the safety of your funds is guaranteed.
After that do not cease to call on your phone. If it's pretty tiring, ask a colleague, friend, relative, neighbor or just send to your phone message and inform you about shipping.
As soon as I get the delivery report message means that your phone is connected to the network. Immediately start dialing until someone picks up.
If you find that your phone is just lost, then you'll get it back for a small fee or even free of charge.
If you require serious purchase, settle, appoint the time and place of the meeting. In any event to the police report.
If the kidnapper does not communicate, then you need to ask the operator to track the trajectory of movement of your phone.
While ' go for a meeting.
You can also look for the ad in the newspaper – buyers of stolen phones are giving ads in Newspapers, on websites.
But it is better to give a counter-ad by yourself, having exactly the brand of your phone and making a decent amount. Reverse phone enter the person numbers of the following list of your phone contacts.
You can also contact the police. The serial number of your phone will be listed as missing. And if your phone will place calls, it will immediately find and will return.
In any of these ways there is no 100% guarantee that you will return the phone, but to give up is impossible.
Track a missing phone call perhaps, if it has no removable card and the embedded chip. Otherwise it is likely that the thief will change the map.

Advice 4 : How to track phone calls

The cost of mobile communications – one of the constant expense items in the budget of a family or organization. In order to know for what you pay the money, what calls were made from your mobile phone and in which number, you'll need to order the call details from your mobile operator.
How to track phone calls
You will need
  • You will need:
  • - Internet;
  • - working e-mail.
Mobile operators offer their customers a service "Detailed report". This report will come to you on e-mail in the form of a standard file. Such reports are of three types: expense, one-time call detail records and periodic detailing. If you require a full report on the calls made, SMS and other mobile services – you will approach a periodic detail. To make the order on receipt of such report just.
Sign up on the website of your mobile operator. Visit the online support, go to your account, most often it is called "Personal Cabinet".
In service line, type in the mobile phone number the report for which you want to obtain and your password.
You linked to a personal page. Decide what time period you'd like to get expense reports. As a rule, users select one calendar month, say, you have done the same.
In a specified string by typing your e-mail address to which you want to receive the reports. After a short amount of time you will get from the mobile operator a letter containing a report file. Now you can monitor all calls and SMS made from your phone.
When you log into your "my account" you will need a login password. If you were not previously in his Personal account, and password respectively you do not. To get the password you need to follow the instructions that will be there on the login page. Most often it is free call your network operator, after which the password will come to you in the SMS message.
Useful advice
When you choose settings detailed report, the system will offer you different options for the format of the report file. Select the file in ZIP format – the file will be much lighter weight and work with it much easier.

Advice 5 : How to find out who was calling on my cell

If you are a customer of one of the largest operators of communication (e.g., MegaFon, MTS or Beeline), then learn about the required calls with the service "bill details". By the way, it is possible to obtain information not only about incoming calls, their cost, but also on outgoing calls, the time of their Commission and more.
How to find out who was calling on my cell
To enable the details of an account in the company "MTS", the subscriber will need to use the number of USSD-request *111*551#. Using this number, you can obtain information about all the actions performed with the mobile device over the last three days. Don't forget about another number that is in your possession is the number to send the SMS 1771. The text of these messages, you must specify the short code 551. Please note that all the clients of "MTS" affordable "Mobile portal" self - service, which also allows to obtain information about the account. Is this system on the official website of the operator.
For subscribers connected to the operator "the Megaphone" there is a special system. It is called the Service Guide. You can use the system directly to the official website of the company (the system itself is in the same section). It should be noted that all of the sections listed on the home page, in the left part. But if you go to another page, the list of sections will remain in place. By the way, you can always ask for help in one of salons of communication "MegaFon" or office support subscribers.
Clients of the company "Beeline" at any time can order the operator of the service "detailed account". After ordering, the user can obtain information about incoming and outgoing calls, time of calls, type of call costs and of messages sent, duration of calls and much more. Connect the details of an account on the official website of the company, completing and sending a special statement. This method is available to all clients "Beeline", regardless of their system of calculation.

Advice 6 : Who invented mobile phone

Today, there are a huge selection of mobile phones for every taste and budget of the client. For half a century, compact portable communications tool has become indispensable for most people in the world.
Martin Cooper with the first model of mobile phone

The history of mobile phone

Back in the mid-twentieth century was offered the option of making calls using a portable means of communication. In 1963, Soviet engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich developed the first experimental model of cell phone. However, this model had a weight of about 3 kg and it came with a special carrying case base. This option would require a thorough revision.

The idea of using communication tools in the car came from the laboratory of Bell Laboratories. And at the same time experts of the company Motorola also pondered the option of a compact portable means of communication. At that time, this company has successfully produced portable radio.

The man who created the first portable mobile phone

It should be noted that the first inventor of the mobile phone was Martin Cooper, who was the head of communications in the company Motorola. At first the whole environment of this talented inventor was skeptical about this option of means of communication.

In April of 1973 Martin Cooper made a call using his invention from the streets of Manhattan to the head of the Bell Laboratories. This was the first call in the history of the mobile phone. It should be noted that the choice of the subscriber to Cooper, was not accidental. At that time, both companies tried to create the first device for communication. Cooper with his team was the first.

Only in 1983, by a long development, was presented to the public an exemplary embodiment of the modern phone. This model was named DynaTAC 8000X, its price was almost $ 4,000. However, there was a huge number of people willing to buy a new device, they even queued up for purchase.

Looked like the first mobile phone

It is necessary to consider the appearance of the first portable communications, which is largely different from today's vehicles:

- tube length was about 10 cm of it protruded a long enough antenna;
instead of the usual now display on the phone has a large button to dial the subscriber's number;
- weight of the first cell phone was about 1 kg, dimensions: 22,5x12,5x3,75 cm;
phone was only used for making calls;
mode talking battery operated 45 min – 1 hour, and in a quiet mode – up to 4-6 hours;
- charge the first cell phone you had about 7-9 hours.
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