For starters, flip through the user manual, which should be attached to the apparatus at the sale. If not, download the document to your model or at least similar to the same manufacturer from the Internet. The document will details with images described in which folder of phone is being call log and how to see Inbox.
View the menu, focusing on the image icons. Find the folder "Log" which is often denoted by the icon on the handset. As a rule, character of incoming calls - this image upward arrows, while outgoing are indicated by arrows pointing down. Using this information and knowing who contacted you and who called you, you can understand the different calls.
Will help in solving such problems are numerous sites and forums on the topic of mobile phones online.
If you need to see the Inbox for a large period of time - week, month – please contact the operator of the company. It can provide the owner of the phone in accordance with the documents, a printout of calls, in addition, the consultant will help to deal with incoming calls.
An Internet service. Send the operator a request for details of telephone calls, then your room will receive a message with the password. Go to the website and enter the login is your phone number instead of password is the number, which came via SMS. After login and change the password on the constant go from the "table of contents" in the section "Financial information", click on the link "View" which is located in the "View call details".
It remains to determine the period of time, the data on which you want to receive and confirm the order. After a certain time, usually no more than a few minutes, in the section "Financial information" report will appear on incoming calls and SMS for a specific period, which can be downloaded to a computer yourself, or receive in your email - optional.