If you want to take a printout from the account of a subscriber number, a landline phone, you need to contact the service of your telephone company. A printout of outgoing calls you can get directly to the telephone company office. For this you need to bring ID proving that you are the owner of this number. Do not forget to specify the period for which you would like to receive information.
If you are not the owner of a phone number from the account which you want to obtain a printout, it is unlikely to experts, the telephone company will help you. Moreover, they do not take into consideration and provided a power of attorney, you only need the personal presence of the registered subscriber.
In addition, take a printout of incoming calls you can hardly. Typically, such information at the phone company are given only on request of law enforcement agencies in the interests of their investigated cases.
In case you want to get details of calls of the mobile operator, you need to contact your cellular company. For example, in MTS you can order a printout of calls on the phone and in the office. The principle of operation is the same as in the first case. Provide their passport details either in person at the office, or dictated by them on the phone a specialist. In response you will receive the necessary information.
In addition, you will help and the Internet. By clicking on the link you can get all the information you need. Similar services are provided by other mobile operators - MegaFon and Beeline.
Mobile operators work on the same principle that the telephone company landline, they will not give you any information unless you are the owner of this number. So to get the detail of calls the phone of your spouse, sisters, parents, etc. you will not succeed.