You will need
  • Website Beeline.
The easiest way to get a printout of your calls is to go to the nearest office of the company Beeline. If the phone is registered to you, in order to get details of balance, you will need only your passport. You fill out an application, pay some money and get a printout with phone numbers. It will take you no more than an hour. If the number is not registered to you, then you will need owner may be required even his personal presence.
You can solve this issue and with the help of the Internet. For this it is necessary to register in the system. Dial on your mobile phone number *110*9# and press "call". You will receive an SMS with a password. Then sent the username and password must be entered at: After the first access to the network you need to change the username and password. Next, read the terms of use of the system. After that open the page "Management services". In the section "service Management" click "Users". In the table "List of phones" find your phone number. Click "View" in the field "Information". Click the "Report on call detail records".
If you want to obtain the phone records of another person without his knowledge, then these ways to do not possible. The best option in this case is to ask for help to the detective Agency. Any other actions can be just illegal.