What signs should pay attention

Girls often expect the first step from men and do not seem to demonstrate a clear interest and desire to move into intimate contact. This is natural, because they are afraid to seem too available. However, this does not prevent the girlto use the hints, which a hundred years ago men knew what they want.

If you haven't hugged and didn't kiss a woman that you like, and not sure what she wants, pay attention to her behavior, especially in gestures and looks. A girl who wants a kiss, may from time to time to translate the look of your eyes lips. Other signs that she wants more close contact – touching as if by chance, a situation when a woman whispers something in your ear, although it can be said directly. Another common technique is to poiavitsia, to move my palms on her shoulders, complaining of the cold. In such cases, the girl may hope that the man will attend, will hug and give his jacket or sweater. If you notice these signs, try to take the woman's arm, gently hugged. If she pulled away or, on the contrary, even clung to you, most likely, she wants more intimate contact.

Further to check whether you girlfriend will be easier. The greater passion is the difference between her kisses, she snuggles closer to you, the higher the chance that you will not face refusal during the transition to closer contact as your fiancee she wants to.

How to check desire girls

Try to watch with a girl good movie that features some erotic scenes. Of course, it is important to pay attention to the choice of subject and genre, otherwise there is a risk that the woman will be unhappy. Watch her reaction in the most piquant moments. You can also try to touch her hand, but if you already came to closer contact, then hugged. At the same time as the film, as well as by suspended or not, you will be able to draw some conclusions.

Observe what kind of clothes she chooses to meet you, especially if you spend time together at her house. If she wears tight clothes, short dresses or skirts, tops with an open neckline, maybe it's just a way to draw attention to her charms. To push a man to the closer contact, the woman would in addition to use classical techniques: sitting, did not immediately fix her skirt, letting you see her thigh and complain that the house is too hot and want to strip.