How to recognize the love of a woman

First and foremost, pay attention to her interest in communication. If your beloved is never enough time to meet or at least talk with you, she probably does not feel to you any feelings. Conversely, if a woman always wants you to see debugs for the sake of their business – she is clearly indifferent to you.

Women looking through the eyes of someone you love. It happens involuntarily, so if in a big company, you often catch her eyes on him, that's for sure means something. Look closely at her, she'll probably samudaya. Then get ready to make the first move.

How to make sure that a woman loves

If you have already started a relationship with the woman, but want to make sure the strength of her feelings, pay attention to the signs of love.

Frequent calls

Women in love may not indulge in unnecessary call or SMS message to the man. They find any excuse to hear his choice. If your woman frequently calls, so she not only thinks about you and wants to hear tender words. Do not deny her this, and she will love you even more.

Gentle care

Women instinctively care about people. A loving woman will cook for you, help with the cleaning, happy to go with you shopping, to iron your things and Thus it expresses true love and commitment to a serious relationship.

Only the truth

One of the most important signs of this love is no lie. If your beloved always tells the truth and does not lie even on the little things, it means she cares about you and is afraid of losing.

As you are

Some women try to change their men, to change their habits and certain personality traits. This indicates a lack of true feelings. Lovers never try to change their halves, as taking them with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Conversations about the future

If a woman tells you about a future together, builds some plans with your participation, so you need it in a short period of time, and perhaps forever.

The clearest sign of love is, of course, a woman's happiness. A woman in love "shines" in front of his men and radiates real joy.

If you have not noticed in love none of the above, do not worry. Remember that the chances to conquer her heart always exist, one has only to open his heart and follow his prompts.