It happens that the man has signs of attention to the girl, but she could not understand how seriously he feels about her. If the young person is really interested in a girl, he will try to learn more about her, asking mutual friends. A sure sign of love at the same time will attempt to issue its own interest for curiosity.
Trite, but true: feelings men often gives his opinion. Even if it is in the other end of the room, his eyes will look for the object of his sympathy. When their eyes finally meet, in the eyes of men glow with joy and tenderness.
The most important indicator of the attitude of the young person is communication. If he goes to the girl at a fairly close distance, listens carefully to her words, asks questions, he's most likely really interested in it.
A characteristic feature of love is the desire to care for his beloved, to help and support her, worry about her health. A man in love wants the beloved to feel comfortable around him.
It so happens that the young man is constantly found in the way girls sometimes in the most unexpected places. However, he always blushes when he sees her. This is a clear sign of the birth of love.
The man says a lot with a girl, it seems that he can't stop talking. It is also an indicator of love, because he is clearly trying to arouse her interest.
If a man is really interested in a girl, he will try to find common interests and Hobbies. Since he already considers her a close friend, he will share with her their problems and worries. Thus, it creates a feeling of close connection with the object of your sympathy.
When a man is in love, he is always smiling to his beloved. And if she smiles in response, he will be in seventh heaven.
If a man talks about a really delicate things, sometimes even shares his childhood dreams and fears, he is truly in love. Thus, a man tells a girl that he was very comfortable in her company.
Sometimes a man in love begins innocently make fun of a girl, she may even seem that he is purposely trying to push her buttons. In fact, this is just one of the ways to attract her attention. In addition, it may be an attempt to make her laugh.