First, look to your partner. Not if she is acting like something unusual, new. For example, had never stroked your shirt now, stroking. So maybe she did this not only for you. Psychologists say that many women begin to spend much time at home because they want to absolve themselves of blame for the affair.
Another bad sign is a criticism of the girl friend of the man. It is possible that she is trying to divert your suspicion from her lover. Simultaneously, the girl may begin to suspect treason you. This is also a known psychological phenomenon - a woman projecting his infidelity to partner. Take a look.
How to know whether to change your girl
Sometimes cheating on their partners girls are cool with them in bed. No wonder, because they have enough sex on the side. But it happens and Vice versa. So do not rejoice if your girlfriend has suddenly become overly affectionate. Maybe she just so wants to make amends. Watch her closely, and listen as she sleeps. When a woman is nervous, she may talk in her sleep. Suddenly pronounce a man's name?
How to know whether to change your girl
One of the signs of infidelity are frequent and long delays girl's on the job. Yeah, maybe she's just doing career. But it is possible that your girl spends her time not at work, and with her lover. Delayed or late for the service because there is a suitable object of a male.
In any case, to calculate the probably female infidelity is difficult. You can try to follow the girl, talk to her heart to heart. But it is best to rely on intuition.
How to know whether to change your girl