At the moment of parting, very difficult to find the right words, so the girls try all sorts of way to delay this unpleasant procedure. However, it is not difficult to understand that she no longer wants to have with you any relationship.
Previously, she called you a hundred times a day, wrote cute SMS, immediately responded to the calls. Now, increasingly, "the subscriber is out of range," or, each time picking up her room, you hear in response: "you Know, I'm a little busy – let's talk later". Of course, this is not a reason to panic. The person can experience various problems in life. Who has not happened difficult period in your life? Surely, such people are very few. Therefore, you should try to ask your sweetheart the reasons for this behavior. Maybe she really is busy and she needs your help, she just uncomfortable about her request.
She detached herself from you sexually. If you've had a rich and varied sex life, she was ready for any experiments and pranks, but now she refuses sex, citing fatigue or a banal headache. Equally important in a healthy relationship is sex, so you should think about if everything is fine in your relationship as you think.
You have some omissions. If she shared his problems with you, the hidden secrets or just news and inclinations from work, now she had become withdrawn and silent type. Comfort and understanding, too somewhere evaporated – the two of you awkward and uncomfortable.
She no longer wants to walk with you on hangouts, parties, Dating, avoiding you, it is easier to talk to you on the phone and not meet in person. She constantly comes up with new excuses to spend the evening at home or with your friends, but certainly not with you. Maybe she just overestimated their life values, and now is ashamed of you, or it is not interesting to spend time with you. In any case – this is a sure sign of the destruction of the relationship.
Before to sort things out, try to talk to her. Perhaps you have offended, and do not understand. Find out what's going on between you. Many love problems can be solved without quarrels and scandals, and peacefully and amicably. Maybe the problem is not worth a damn, and the girl was kind, sensitive and imagining yourself too much.