Note that the behavior of the girl, when you look at it. If, after meeting with you eyes, it straightens your back or sheepishly looks away, unable to conclude that you were interested in her. She wants to look good and demonstrates itself in all its glory.
Let's see whether changing the behavior of the girls in your presence. To follow her, of course, not worth it, but ask them to help you best friend. Let him tell you whether there is something new in the behavior you are interested in person, when you join the conversation. This can be, for example, loud laughter, or, conversely, unnatural silence.
Turn around after you said goodbye, and leave. If she looks after you, and when meeting with your eyes blushes or turns away, it should be noted that you she cares about.
Pay attention to the girl's eyes. Psychologists say that it is possible to find out likes you or not. It is assumed that when you are with the one you love, your pupils are constantly changing size. As a rule, they become wider than usual. There are a lot of nuances, depending on the physiological characteristics, lighting, etc. overall, the pupils – a rather effective indicator of the feelings of the girl.
If a girl frequently blinks and bites his lips, most likely she is upset about something or unhappy. In such moments it is best to understand the cause of her dissatisfaction and try to resolve it. If you leave a girl without attention, you can mess with it.
When she often straightens her hair, playing with the curls or pulls the chain, she tries to attract your attention and showcase something that she is interested in you. The same conclusion would be appropriate, if she's in conversation with you bows his head to shoulder.