To understand what a girl feels for a young man, can be very difficult. If you want to know about her feelings, it is a little dive into the world of psychology. To de-mystify women's emotions will help you:
• behavioral factors;
• non-verbal signs;
• speech.

How to understand the behavior that the girl is in love?

She was trying to spend more time with her lover. While close friends notice that she eats little, she's getting needed less time to sleep. If a young man like any style, it is ready to completely change his image, to overcome his fears to only grow closer to him Because when you love the pheromone level increases, you can see that she's starting to like not only you but also other men.

Non-verbal signs

1. When dealing with my young man, she usually begins to touch you. It can be not only conscious action, but also casual.
2. Especially at first, you may notice that when communicating, the girl often starts to smile, she accelerated the timbre of speech.
3. If the conversation touches on personal or intimate topics, on the face there is redness or light blush.
4. In the process of communication please note that it begins to "mirror" the gestures of his partner.
5. Upon contact with a partner is much your pupils dilate. This indicates a sexual interest and excitement.
6. A woman in love does not give men sight, but as soon as their eyes meet, immediately embarrassed their assigns.

Talking about girls in love?

First of all, they want to know all about your young man, so they genuinely care about how was your day, what happened at work or school. However, she will never tell you about other men. If she starts to share her sexual experience, so she sees you as a friend. Couples can spend hours talking on the phone, they always interesting together, so conversations are no problem. Woman in love is happy with any little things, not irritated due to some serious problems, but if you quarrel, try to smooth the conflict.

Thus, love can be seen without putting much effort. The gleam in his eyes, the thrill, the desire for more time to be around are those signs that occur in people regardless of age. And remember, make a girl happy can only respond. Allow yourself and her to be happy!