First, if you purchased the lottery ticket you need to cross out three numbers, then focus on your complete date of birth (day, month and year). Believe me, these numbers are for you the most happy. Suppose you were born on March 10, 1980 (10. 06. 1980). Means that for your first lucky number is 10, second – 6, third – 18. Why 18? Fold each number of your year of birth (1+9+8+0=18). If the lottery ticket you must cross out six digits, first think about which ones can correspond to your initials. Can refer to the table below. A1 D5 З9 M13 P17 Ф21 sh25 Я29Б2 E6 E10 H14 C18 Х22 Щ26 B3 E7 11 T19 A15 Ц23 Э27 G4 Ж8 R16 L12 У20 Ч24 Ю28Если need to choose seven numbers, add the two values.
Second, the number of day of the week and the month in which the purchased ticket, are also important. You really want to win the car? Then you better buy a lottery ticket that day corresponding to your birthday. And what day of the week? It is believed that on weekdays it is better to buy a ticket for the lottery before lunch, and from lunch to evening.
Thirdly, when buying a ticket, dress up as something special. Remember that clothing must not contain colors like red or yellow. Put on a dark outfit, it is better just black. Even underwear worn by you on the day of purchase of a lottery ticket must be dark in color. Cell, strip, peas, colorful drawings – all this frightens the luck. Do not wear anything new. of jewellery you can afford a necklace or silver chain. In any case, you should be gold. Even the inside of the collar pin head, pin down.
Fourth, keep a certain diet that attracts good luck. From your diet eliminate garlic, beets, dairy products. Eat fruit, meat, eggs.