To win the lottery, go to your nearest store or supermarket and buy a ticket. It specify the numbers that you think will fall out of the Lotto. Check lottery on the weekend, when, as a rule, carried out the draw. This time sit near the TV and watch the balls drop down, the more numbers you guess, the bigger your winnings. In the case of a big win go to a Bank and take their money. Do not be upset and worry if the first time you can't win. Continue to test your luck every weekend and sooner or later you all the same luck, and you will earn quite a large sum of money.
If you want to significantly increase the probability of winning, explore different systems and strategies that will allow you on a scientific basis to determine what numbers will fall this time. Perform special exercises for the development of intuition. You can train her to such an extent that during the selection of numbers inner voice will tell you the correct combination. Carefully and accurately fill out a ticket as if you win it will be the only proof that the happy owner of a huge amount of money is you.
The popularity of scratch cards from Sberbank provoked the emergence of many different lotteries from other banks. Participate only in those lotteries over the years have proven to be, and certainly will pay you some money if you win. At this time the most popular and proven time lotteries, in addition to drawing from savings, are the "Golden key", "Bingo" and "Interlot".

Keep your winning ticket from a third-party eye and scams that can covet your financial savings.