Many people buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning a big jackpot. Is it worth doing? Is there some kind of system allows to increase the probability of winning? No. There is no such system, a large prize in a lottery can only be accidental. And only in case the integrity of the lottery organizers. However, if the organizers of the fair, the probability of winning is low, even if you buy a thousand tickets each draw throughout life. There is nothing wrong if a person buys a couple of tickets once a month or a year, if it doesn't take a lot of money and does not cause dependence on the lottery. Win possible but the probability is negligible.
Slot machines were the craze of the Russians in the early to mid-two-thousand years, until their use was restricted by law. But now they can be found in designated areas, and illegal guns sometimes fall outside of these places. Also in abundance is found virtual gambling in the Internet. Many people have fallen into dependence on gambling. There were cases of sale of flats and subsequent poverty. Is it worth it?
It is known that the machines are programmed to make a profit. This means that not only plays against low probability, but the program is designed to prevent to take too much. As for virtual machines, in Russia, by the way, is forbidden, they do not give money. Playing in such a machine, the user simply spend a nested sum, however, it is interesting spending time. The last time there was such "wiring": in you email Inbox, a letter arrives from some "hacker" who has learned how to cheat slot machines. And it offers you this information for a ridiculous amount. It is not necessary to trust such a well-wisher. He'll just take the money instead of not giving anything of value. You need to take into account the following: if this person really was the right way to win, he wouldn't have to beg on the Internet and took have and rich.
Often on television show, in which people receive expensive prizes, having arrived and answering any questions or simply call. Is it real? Not in all cases. A show money on the fact that people call them and try to become parties. It is likely to spend big money there and not hitting. The other show is clearly staged, and some do not provide for any remuneration for participation. For example, a show where the host asks viewers a simple question, and promises a lot of money to the first person to call and answer correctly. Such transfer recorded in advance. It is a leading a couple of hours begs the audience to call, from time to time in the Studio supposedly call and answer incorrectly. In fact, if the call to this show, callers put as if in a turn, and while he waits with the phone balance deducted a lot of money.
Relatively honest ways of obtaining money from the population since the time of Ostap Bender, became much more. To list them all, you will have to write a bulky volume. However, it is possible to draw a conclusion from already given examples: to get through the excitement of a big amount, it is necessary to open your own casino or a lottery. All other ways of losing.