In fact, everyone has a chance to get the car for free, and this does not need to be a leggy blonde with outstanding advantages. Just enough to make some effort to achieve its own goals. You need to be persistent and to constantly be in touch with those who can provide a car free of charge.
First you need to clarify, do not emit any charitable organization located in the city of residence of the driver, the car as material assistance. Such sponsorship is carried out by certain foreign funds, however, in this case the potential owner of the motor vehicle will have to prove that he is genuinely in need and experiencing distress.
Obtain a free car with the help of the Internet. Some portals publish ads where car owners are willing to part with their machines for free. It should be noted that these vehicles are often in need of repair, but the main thing is that they can get all the driver completely free of charge.
Another option is to play lottery. Of course, it is likely that the drawing was purchased and the winners are already known in advance, but worth a try. It is possible that the organizer of the lottery is distributing vehicles free of charge. That chance is definitely worth taking advantage of if the driver wants to obtain a vehicle without paying a penny.
If the driver just wants to ride around the city, without going beyond it, he could find a job where allowed to take vehicles home. In addition, drivers who carry any business or important political figures, often enough to get a gift for good service, a free car and a small reward.