The lotteries Gosloto, you usually have to choose five or six numbers that can bring you good luck. You can not philosophizing, use your date of birth and date of birth of a close person to obtain these numbers. If you were born may 9, 1985 (09.05.1985), your numbers good luck – 5.9 and 23. The number twenty-three was the result of adding all numbers of your year of birth.
The following method is suitable only for the case where you need six lucky numbers. Use for their preparation, to their initials. The letters should correspond to the numbers. The letters are never capitalized in the names (S, S, S,b), you do not need. So, you get a kind of system of 29 characters. Bring two letters of your first name, last name, patronymic to a numeric format. For example, if your name is Alexei Petrovich Ivanov, your lucky numbers– 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 16.
In some cases, to catch the tail of luck helps draw date. So, if the drawing is March 15, the winning numbers may be numbers 1,3,5 and 15. Numerologists believe that the date is directly able to affect the outcome of the game.
Avid gamers developed our own system to be adopted. According to them, the tickets can only be purchased in the morning on weekdays or evening on weekends. It is not recommended to buy the ticket on Sunday as there is a risk of losing even the existing savings. But in the day of his birth to play just need, because the odds of winning in this day increased many times.
The campaign for the ticket – a ritual that may, in properly carrying out to attract good luck. Don't dress to impress, you could use dark colors such as black. You can't wear t-shirts and shirts with colorful patterns and stripes and squares. If you are going for a ticket, leave the house all your jewelry.