Advice 1: What are the most winning lottery

Some people like to play the lottery, and some do it from time to time, and the other with enviable regularity. Inserting a small amount of money and hope to win is a great way to pleasantly nervous with minimum risk. Besides, what could be more fun than to test your luck and get a win.
What are the most winning lottery
Oddly enough, but the lottery in its various variants are in demand almost all over the world. For example, in America, the lottery has become a national craze. As for Russia, the first appearance of "lucky ticket" occurred relatively recently – during the reign of Peter the great. He brought "a game of intricate and elevating" in his native country. Today in Russia, officially approved more than 200 kinds of lotteries, including television and universal.
The biggest wins are marked in the lottery Gosloto. This is one of the oldest lotteries, which for a long time was exclusively under state control and, therefore, credible. Thanks to her many have been able to hit the jackpot, because in the 90-ies he played not only cash prizes, but also apartments, cars, appliances. The most impressive win of one hundred million rubles was able to get a resident of St. Petersburg in 2009.
Another lottery, which marked a significant amount of the winnings is Bingo. Here the prizes can be different, ranging from small amounts covering the expenses for a purchased ticket, to large cash payments. In Bingo a few years ago, a housewife from Ufa managed to win more than 29 million p. Recorded the payment in 1 and 3 million, 150, 120, 90 and 70 thousand R. that are not considered major. Bingo today one of the most popular lotteries.
Lottery "Russian Lotto" is a big Fund prizes. Most claimed the prize in this lottery is 100 million rubles in the history of the game has not won one, however the prize almost 30 million rubles was able to inhabitant of the Yaroslavl region.
Another quite profitable lottery can be called a lottery company RZD. Its principle is that the person buying the ticket on the train, gets his lucky lottery ticket in the form of a sticker. The combination of numbers on the sticker can be happy, like a Stavropol resident, who was lucky to win 11.5 million R. the Emergence of this lottery was, rather, a necessity, because even 7 years ago, the company has suffered substantial losses due to falling demand for passenger rail services. The lottery, which in fact cost nothing to consumers, was part of a campaign to promote the Railways.
As a General rule the name of the lucky, hitting the jackpot in the lottery, to disclose not accepted, except when he gave his or her written consent. So, Madeline Mountains in the USA didn't just win 1.5 million dollars, but also became the face of the company, earning about 12 million during promotions.

Advice 2: What about a lottery win often

If we talk about the lottery, the human world can be divided into two categories, those who believe in the opportunity to win, and those who doubt the adequacy of the first. But statistics show that the most resistant players will sooner or later win, even if not always such large amounts, as they would like.
The lucky lottery winner
To calculate the chance of victory and to understand how win lottery most often, it is important to understand what it is. The lottery is the kind of game where the chance of success depends on the coincidence of the dropped digits. This market segment is so varied that to choose one or the other method of the game is very difficult. According to accounting and law enforcement agencies, more than 60% of the total is fraudulent projects, whose purpose is simply to collect the money from the sale of game tickets. Such lotteries are phony can be found on the Internet, markets or just near the metro station. Gamblers can't pass up the distributors of tickets and buying them in batches, not paying attention to their reputation, location and other important aspects. The result is, of course, never win.

How to choose the lottery type

Every fan of the lottery have repeatedly seen reports in the media about the lucky ones who received a big win for the coveted ticket. Those who are not just jealous, and closely monitoring the trend of victories, have already understood that the most likely chance to "break the Bank" in state lotteries. These organizations are licensed, and their activities tracked by government agencies, and the risk of being deceived is reduced to zero. By purchasing a ticket, you cannot rely on it the original design or low cost. Striking design, generally trying to draw attention to the newly opened games, the size of the storage base which is very small. Low price of a lottery ticket reduces the chance of winning, as the organizers are forced to sell a large amount of coupons to cover the cost of hosting the game and to ensure winning a certain number of positions. Of great importance and reputation of the organizer, the participants of the games and the number of participants who have received large sums of money.

How to calculate a winning combination

In telemetered, such as "Russian Lotto" or "Golden key" to calculate the probability of obtaining a prize is impossible, as in the instant lottery. In games of this type, you can only rely on luck and natural talent determine the lucky ticket. A draw lottery where you must choose to cross out a certain number of digits from the game field, like the well-known Soviet "sports lottery", give the opportunity to directly participate in the process, but the odds are not more than in the game show. Players with years of experience and a mathematical turn of mind say that it is possible to predict and calculate the winning combinations of numbers, but the practical evidence of his theory have not led any of them.

Statistical data of various world communities of fans of such entertainment, saying that most other win scratchers, but the winnings are negligible and only pay for spent on their purchase money. Major victory is possible only in big games, but when you purchase large quantities of tickets.
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