Lottery TV Bingo Kazakhstan"

Lottery TV Bingo Kazakhstan" has appeared on national TV in the late nineties, more precisely on 8 June 1998, it was the day went on the air of TV channel "Khabar" first release of this program. The lottery is very quickly gaining momentum, increasing your prize Fund, and today is one of the most famous products in your niche.

Lottery based on the already familiar pattern with random numbers. In addition to the main draw of money prizes, is also distributed clothing gifts and incentive prizes.

Where to know the results

If you are the proud owner of a ticket lottery TV Bingo Kazakhstan, then you have several ways to track its status:

1. You need to be a member of the set of lottery. For this you, of course, desirable to live in Almaty and to be a well received in terms of employees of a television company, to be a famous person, then you will be invited to raise the rating or contact directly on channel "Khabar", to apply for participation as a spectator. Suddenly you're lucky?

2. It is possible to watch the program live, it is necessary to clarify the transmission output on the screen, then sitting in a comfortable chair, armed with a pencil and purchased tickets "TV Bingo", you are literally within 40 minutes will test their luck on the subject of service to you.

3. A number of publications report deals with the outcomes of the draw to the readers. To know the results held on the eve of the games in such publications as "What? Where? When?" "All at once", "Caravan" and others. This method of verification allows you to eliminate the possibility of error, as all the data are in front of your eyes, and do not distract the dynamism and colour television.

4. You can also apply to sales of lottery tickets, with a request to check a lottery ticket on the existence of a prize. It is the responsibility of the distributors, besides the results they usually appear earlier than in the printed editions, and as correct because they need to pay out small wins.

5. Online resources and groups in social networks. On the official website of the National Lottery of the Republic of Kazakhstan you can always find not only the results of the last drawing, but also to check the tickets for any given period. And in the group in contact you can see the order of shown numbers and find like-minded people.