You will need
  • receiver with the emulator or a network card.
Pay the provider of cable television required amount to enable viewing of encrypted channels. This can be done even through the Internet, logging into my account on the official website supports you company. It is the only legitimate way of viewing the scrambled channels, all the rest are attributed to hacking and illegal access to the paid services. Some companies themselves are to blame for the fact that many use illegal viewing of cable, however this is no reason for you to do the same, as this may entail liability stipulated in the terms of service.
Use a special media player to view encrypted channels. Note the presence of the emulator to your device model, since without it you won't even be able to see a list of encrypted channels.
If it is not available, perform a firmware upgrade by downloading the latest version and update the player using the removable device. Continue to act in accordance with the instructions of the menu of your device; the sequence can be different depending on the manufacturer.
Pay attention to special receivers, which have access to viewing the cable channels using the technology of sharing, owning for Internet and LAN connection with integrated special card. This is quite convenient, since the monthly fee can be divided into all users, thus giving you access to view legally here, however, you may need to purchase a special receiver, as it is relatively recently appeared on the market of the product.