You possess rare talent, without proper preparation you will not immediately become an actor. First, find a good acting class. This can be a theatre school or some master classes with a professional. When choosing courses, make sure that the teachers really know your stuff. People should be familiar with the movie industry and to achieve some success in this area.
Take a few professional photos. They require you to register in a modeling or acting Agency. Such photos are called "tests". Remember, you need not staged shots, and pictures, which you presented in the best way. Photos full-length portrait, profile. To work in the crowd like a conventional, non-professional snapshots. You should look like in everyday life.
Find a few talent agencies, send them your photos. Better to select three or four agencies. Remember that in a serious organization, you are not forced to pay for registration, portfolio or for filing. Choose the Agency's advice, the reviews on the Internet. Please note the portfolio of agencies with which projects and the shooting involved actors Agency.
Immediately get a role in a movie is almost impossible. First have to work the crowd, appear in advertising. Agencies rarely deal with them. If you want to get into them, then contact the assistants to the foremen of the crowd. Pay attention to deals online – sometimes looking for people of a certain type of appearance.
Attend auditions. Suggestions about shooting only get famous actors. You yet do I offer myself for the role. Regularly monitor your list of auditions. Be sure to follow the specified characteristics. If spelled out exactly the required type, and you are under it do not come, it is not necessary to take time away from yourself and others. At the auditions, and without a lot of wishing, fit the description of the character better than you.
You should be ready to begin acting in films, sometimes you need to attend a lot of auditions. This is not an easy task, but if you confidently towards your goal, you will cope.