Examine the prototype role. After reading the script, the actor is looking for the most suitable object for the study of the character of his hero. He observes the demeanor, characteristic movements, temperament. The actor notes the smallest details: the timbre and tone of voice, gaze, facial expressions and gestures. He, in the words of Stanislavsky, "squirrels in his soul" and is infected in a new way. Self goes by the wayside, and the surface should leave the character of your role. No matter what is the role of teachers, a policy or a seller.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Professional actors visit the "habitat" of his character and there's method acting.
Create a compelling appearance. Great importance of stage presence, costume and accessories. Free yourself from psychological clips, remove physical tension. Actor must be able to observe itself from outside and to direct their emotions in words and actions.
Learn the necessary skills. The acting profession requires a quick learner and a good command of the essence of the subject. Each image implies certain knowledge, experience and philosophy of life. If you need to play the role of pianist, hire a teacher and learn easy to perform at least one piece of music.
Tell emotions. To be convincing in his role you want to play the whole emotional background, peculiar to your character. Create the authenticity of the experiences. If you want to play the role of the melancholic, immerse yourself in the sad memories of the past, enter the state of mental trance. If the situation requires submission of a charismatic personality will refer to the successful experience of when you were confident, energetic and felt victory. To recreate certain emotions try to remember the slightest details of the situation.
Believe in your invention, and sincerely live it. Do not prepare it in advance and feel that you have really become a different person with a different set of thoughts, feelings, experiences. Improvise. Actor must be able to think abstract and constantly train on transformation into different roles.