You will need
  • - register in an acting Agency;
  • - photos for your portfolio;
  • - Internet access and access to the sites ads.
Find talent Agency and sign up in them. Make high-quality portfolio that includes pictures of the full-length and face close-up. Photos may be Amateur, but good quality. Often the success have images of friendly, smiling people. Your details will be recorded in a common database, but some agencies, such services can be paid.
Indicate on the Agency's website, your contact numbers, place of residence, experience in filming this kind of and other required information. You can expect a call with an invitation – if your character will fit certain requirements, you will be invited to audition for commercials in the Studio.
Go to the dedicated website ads and watch for the suitable publications. Here is collected the largest number of potential employers and required very different types. If possible, subscribe to the job Postings.
After learning about the upcoming audition, try to contact the organizers to clarify the subject of advertising imagery. Sometimes the demands to the actors stated directly in the ad, but better to find out everything in more detail. If you see that it is not suitable for the role – even better not to waste time and not expect to receive it.
If advertising requires exactly your type, try to look the part. Most often for the advertising needs of a smiling, optimistic people. Pick the right wardrobe – if you need the image of a business lady, wear a business suit, and for the role of a carefree young people are more suitable for sporty style.
At the casting you will have a few minutes to get in the way, so practice in advance. To create an instant a bright image, the high precision movements and facial expressions.
Immediately get ready for what will have to stand in line for quite a while. At the casting there are often customers of advertising, so try to show positive feelings to the product advertised.