Reasons that cause hypersecretion of prolactincan be divided into pathological, pharmacological and physiological.For physiological reasons can be attributed to psychological stress, exercise, pregnancy, breast-feeding, intake of protein foods. In addition, a permanent increase in prolactin observed in men and women during sleep (day and night) and only in women during sexual intercourse. As regards the period of feeding, the prolactin to normal immediately after its completion. All the cases described is the norm for a healthy body, they cannot be attributed to pathology.
There is a pharmacological reason is taking drugs that increase the levels of this hormone. Among such drugs can be called a psychotropic, narcotic drugs, antidepressants, antiemetics, drugs to treat peptic ulcer disease and oral contraceptives with high estrogen content. So, if you are taking any of the means described, inform your doctor. He will pick you therapy to normalize the prolactin.
Pathological increased level of the hormone prolactin may occur in the presence of a pituitary tumor, that is, when prolaktinome. Usually it is small in size (in diameter – no more than a centimeter). Cause hypersecretion can serve and chronic renal failure, cirrhosis of the liver, decrease thyroid function, ovarian disease, chronic prostatitis, postoperative state (if the operation was carried out on the chest organs or the Breasts). In pathological increase in the level of prolactin required treatment and normalization of the hormone.
If any of the forms of hyperprolactinemia is a single treatment method medication. To surgery is used very rarely (only in case of ineffectiveness of medications, or with serious visual impairments). The main group of drugs is the dopamine agonists. Their action is directed not only to the reduction of hormone levels, but also to eliminate a variety of clinical manifestations.