The blood test you need to pass in the morning on an empty stomach.
Women assigned to the study of blood 1 and 2 phase of the cycle.
Before testing need to be in a state of complete rest. If you were in a hurry and quickly moved or nervous, the analysis might show inaccurate results. You need to sit down, to settle down and 30 minutes to be in a relaxed state. Only after that enter on the change analysis.
The whole day before testing do not smoke, drink strong tea and coffee, alcoholic drinks, spicy food, not to visit bath and sauna, avoid sexual contact, stress, time to go to bed.
The first signs of the increased content of the hormone in the blood is breast pain, headache, menstrual disorders, infertility, lack of libido, inflammatory processes in the genital organs, difficult menopause, osteoporosis, later weaning, violation of water-salt balance in the body.
When certain medication prolactin levels can rise as well as fall, or have unstable results.
If you have found out raised or lowered the level of this hormone, the doctor may need to tell us about all the drugs you take.
After the study, and based on his results, the doctor will prescribe medications normalizing hormone levels. Sometimes you have to resort to surgical treatment of the pituitary gland.