If you suspect a hormone deficiency, make an appointment with the gynecologist, and endocrinologist. Tell your doctor about your problem and ask for a referral for tests on the level of sex hormones. Before receiving results, the doctor can't give no nominations. Do not self-medicate, excess estrogen can appear tumors, which often develop into malignant. It is also impossible to increase the level of estrogen women who have cysts breast or ovaries.
Once the doctor receives the test results, you will be prescribed treatment. Most often doctors will not prescribe herbal medicines, as their effects on women's health is still not studied, and do they help at all? Precisely this is impossible, for some people they raise estrogen, others state the opposite, only worse.
After the selection of the hormonal preparation, you will be assigned and the reception circuit. Not to be confused with regular low-dose birth control pills those used to treat. Usually prescribed Menopur, Janine and others. Some women are contraindicated to oral contraceptives to increase estrogen, but in this case come to the aid of intrauterine spiral Mirena.
The result rather pleased you do sports. Physical exercise is withdrawn "from hibernation the ovaries and they begin to produce female sex hormone. Go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week, so you can help your body to recover, and the figure will come in the same form.
Do not forget about nutrition. You need high-quality protein foods. Take vitamin complexes, they stimulate the body and do not give him relax. If you can drink coffee is great, caffeine raises estrogen levels. After about 2-3 months of your treatment of ovarian function returns to normal, the main thing do not forget to drink prescribed by a doctor means and to live a full life