Any hormonal disorders are divided into congenital, genetically determined and acquired. Regardless of the cause, the doctor will prescribe a blood test to check levels of sex hormones. To determine the immediate cause of hormonal failure, prescribe an ultrasound of the genital organs, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy.
Based on the results of the study determined the tactics of treatment. Pharmaceutical medications and their dosage may choose only a specialist in the treatment of disorders of the reproductive system and hormone-caused failures. Self-treatment will not lead to the desired result. The most commonly prescribed hormonal drugs, reducing the level of a hormone or oral contraceptives.
If necessary, the gynecologist will refer you for examination by an endocrinologist, GP or other specialists who will conduct a full medical examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment of the underlying disease, resulting in a hormonal imbalance in the body.
If hormonal disorders cannot be eliminated with prescribed medicines the doctor may prescribe surgical treatment. When pathologies associated with the formation of cysts, benign or malignant diseases hormonal battle could only be remedied by surgery and further therapy.
In addition to the main treatment, you should respect the day, take a multivitamin rich in zinc and iron, to abandon bad habits, to comply strictly with all recommendations of the doctor.
After restore hormonal regularly visit the gynecologist, pass re-examination 2 times a year. If you put on the account, the doctor will prescribe you the time of admission.
Pay special attention to their health during menopause. Contact your gynecologist if you often get annoyed, Wake up early or can't sleep, there is breast tenderness, pains in the joints. Everything points to the fact that the time came to undergo a full medical examination and receive a prescription for drugs for hormone replacement therapy.