To determine the generation deficiency of a hormone is simple – each hormone has specific symptoms that occur in case of shortage or conversely, an overabundance in the body. If you have a tendency to excessive swelling, especially swelling affecting the face in the morning – you may have an excess of the hormone cortisol due to long-lasting disturbances and stress, depression and constant fatigue.
The reason hormonal failure can be reduced function of the thyroid gland. In order to return the thyroid gland performance and activity, eat more iodine-containing products – among them, fish, seafood, seaweed and algae.
Drink your vitamins with active ingredients of iodine. Eat more fruits – persimmon, Aronia, plums, apples, cherries, dates, etc. are Also good to eat vegetables – beets, carrots, tomatoes, onions, herbs, lettuce. Limit consumption of fatty meats and include in the diet of cauliflower and radishes.
Each person in the body has a growth hormone producing pituitary gland. To improve the condition of this hormone can eat food containing protein – fish, poultry, meat, protein shakes. Limit the consumption of coffee and don't forget about physical training.
Women and men from time to time found the shortage of female hormone (estradiol) and male (testosterone). To increase the concentration of estradiol in the body include in the diet foods containing animal protein, avoid excessive consumption of white flour products, coffee and tobacco.
Men to increase the concentration of testosterone need to include in the diet of zinc-containing products. Honey, bee pollen and Royal jelly will help to maintain the male hormone normal. Also useful fatty sea fish, red meat, vegetable oil, cold-pressed, nuts and seeds, seafood and oatmeal.
The peace hormone – progesterone – is responsible for peaceful and relaxing state, allowing your body to maintain health and peace of mind. To maintain the balance of this hormone eat vitamin C and e, citrus fruits, rose hips, currants, and other fruits.
If life is not enough joy and happiness may you have a deficiency of the hormone serotonin, production which could be improved by eating dark chocolate, white meat, eggs, cheese, lentils, tomatoes and mushrooms, as well as dates, figs, bananas and plums. So as not to cause a shortage of serotonin, avoid alcohol, tobacco, excessive consumption of coffee and energy drinks and yeast products and sugar.