When to sterilize a cat after giving birth?

кошка после стерилизации просит кота

The term sterilization of cats after giving birth depends on whether the mother to nurse the kittens. If the entire litter for any reason, died during the childbirth or immediately after them, or the owners did not consider it necessary to breed cats in alive, you will need to wait 2 to 4 weeks, your uterus has returned to its normal state.

If the cat feeds her kittens, sterilization will have to wait until the end of lactation. It is best to perform the surgery in 2-3 months. To operate a cat while she nurses the kittens, is not recommended because of the risk of injury to mammary glands with subsequent infection of a wound. At this time also a high risk of injury during surgery of the large blood vessels in the vicinity of the mammary glands. After sterilization the milk, the cat will probably disappear, so it is advisable that the mother nursed the kittens before surgery. Otherwise, please stock up on formula for kittens, set feeding schedule.
Drugs for anesthesia can get into the milk, so if lactation persist after surgery, after the first feeding for kittens have to watch. Lethargy, drowsiness, breathing rare, require immediate treatment to the doctor.

Sometimes you need to sterilize a cat after giving birth. This is usually due to medical conditions – rupture of the uterus, the development of endometritis and other uterine conditions.

Sterilisation feeding cats is also carried out if indicated, including non-medical – for example, if in the same apartment with a cat lives intact cat, and isolate animals from each other there is no way. Postpartum estrus in cats could begin in two to three weeks, this does not prevent a new pregnancy, although the risk is low because of high prolactin levels.

Sterilization of cats during pregnancy and estrus

Как проходит стерилизация кошек

Sterilization of a pregnant cat rarely occurs. Most of the owners for ethical reasons decide to postpone the surgery until the postpartum period, even if you're not going to save the offspring. However, in some cases, if the cat is ill or has a serious injury, it is better to sterilize it, since pregnancy and childbirth is dangerous for her health and life.
Sterilization is carried out in the early stages of pregnancy to 4 weeks later, the surgery is more traumatic because of the greater length of the cut, increases the risk of bleeding.

In heat cats are not sterilized because of the high risk of bleeding. Owners should try to isolate the animal to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to handle the cat immediately after the end of estrus, do not hesitate, because estrous cycles can be repeated often enough, especially in young animals.