Connect the option "Mobile locator" to find the location of the subscriber Beeline for the room phone. This operator differs from others in that it uses several technologies to search for: COO to determine the cell in which at the moment is people; TOA, taking into account the time difference between various base stations of the operator, which receive the signal; AOA for the direction of the signal from the antenna Beeline and calculate the "angle challenge". All this ensures the accuracy in finding the current location of the phone or that person.
Activate "Mobile locator", by calling the number 06849924 or by sending an SMS with the letter "L" to the short number 684. Specify the number of the desired subscriber. Wait for a while until receive the request and does not approve it. In the case of his consent, you will receive a message with coordinates of the subscriber. One request will cost you about 2-3 rubles, depending on your region and connected rate.
Try to find the location of Beeline subscribers using one of the free apps that allow you to carry out the procedure. Please note that usually it is necessary to install software on your own phone and phone the right person. It is important, at the time of the search both devices have active Internet connection or GPS connection. Use official resources to download the application. For example, Android users can download the program AlterGeo in Play Market or on the website Be careful when choosing the application site because there are a lot of fraud resources with malicious software.
If you lose your phone or it was stolen you can try to calculate the current location of your accommodation Beeline for the serial number (IMEI). This can be done by contacting law enforcement or in the subscription office of your operator. Be prepared to submit personal documents to provide an accurate reason why you require this confidential information.