Application in agriculture

Iron sulphate (iron sulfate) - antiseptic fungicide tool allows to deal with such issues as rot, mould and fungal diseases of various plants. It is produced in the form of a crystalline powder green, blue color, containing the active ingredient (sulfuric acid iron) 53% of the total weight.

The shelf life of the ferrous sulphate is unlimited. Sulfate treat wounds, and hollow trees. Another area where applied iron sulfate, is viticulture. A solution of the sulphate process the vine from bacterial cancer, podushechki, spotty necrosis, etc. If the handle of ferrous sulfate fruit trees, this will enable to raise their productivity and to restore old tired gardens.

If you approach the treatment seriously, with all responsibility and care, the results appear during the season.

This drug is one of the few fertilizers that contain iron in a form that is easy to access the plants. Fertilizing iron in great need of fruit: pears, apples, plums, peaches and cherries. Due to the shortage of this trace element shoots turn yellow and die prematurely. Also sulfate iron rose and raspberry bushes, tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage, has vegetables. Fill the iron content in the plants by spraying with a solution of vitriol.

In country houses with iron sulfate disinfect and eliminate odors. Safety rules when working with the iron sulfate the same as when working with other chemicals: you need to carefully follow the rules of hygiene and wash the eye with running water in case of ingestion.

Application in the industry

Iron sulfate is used in the textile industry for the manufacture of mineral paints, various inks. In chemical laboratories it is used as a reagent. Also with the help of iron sulphate is carried out preservation of wood. In the construction industry iron sulfate is used in the manufacture of building boards. Iron sulfate destroyed by dry rot from the wood and walls can be cleaned with industrial and waste water. Sulfate produce wood stain from grey to black. Is the whitewashing of walls and basements. Apply iron sulfate in the manufacture of Nickel-iron batteries. The medicine is used as a medicine, in the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia.