Treatment with copper sulfate

Contribute sulfate to the soil as fertilizer once in 5-6 years at the rate of 1 g per 1 sq. m. the Powder is dissolved in water and irrigate the land. It is used when planting onions and garlic, for the treatment of beds prepare a solution – 1 spoon of powder in a glass of water – it will protect the culture from destruction by Fusarium.

Copper sulphate is used for spring spraying for prevention: dissolve 1 tbsp. of the crystals in 10 liters of water and add 1 tbsp of soap. This composition is lowered for a few moments the roots of the shrubs when transplanting. It is also used for the treatment of ornamental plants, shrubs, fruit and berry crops from pests and diseases. They disinfected the place of damage to the shrubs and trees.

Bordeaux liquid

Copper sulfate – the main component of Bordeaux mixture, widely used by gardeners and horticulturalists. Buy copper sulfate, and dry Bordeaux mixture can be in the garden stores and dilute according to the instructions on the package. Bordeaux liquid is easy to prepare 100 g of a blue powder, 100 g of lime quicklime, 10 liters of water. First, prepare the lime milk and lime is quenched in water (5 l) and pour in it diluted in water "sulphate of copper".

To whitewash is added to a solution of 50 g of casein glue, whitewash to stay longer on the trees. Blanch them in the fall (October-November) update the whitewash in March. Spring, before Bud break, are sprayed fruit planting Bordeaux liquid. In the vegetation period make the treatment plants 1-2 times 1% solution. Use the freshly prepared mixture, the storage shelf properties will weaken.

Several half-forgotten, but no less effective means of Burgundy liquid. It protects the plants from fungal diseases and feeds them potassium. The composition is prepared from 100 g of copper sulfate, 40 g of liquid soap, 90 g of soda ash and 10 liters of water. In one part of the water dissolve copper kuporos, in other − soda and soap. Then in a solution of soda pour in the liquid copper.

Don't forget that the solution is toxic. When you work with him, observe safety precautions: use gloves, glasses. After finishing work wash hands and face with soap and water, rinse mouth.