Cherries, like other stone fruit plants are prone to different diseases, the main pests are aphids and fungal diseases. Fight with them pay close attention. The kokkomikoza develops in rainy weather, the leaves turn brown, appear in them holes. At the first sign of illness you should make a special spraying drug chorus, dissolve in 10 litres of water 30 g of product, add the solution of soap to make a rich lather and thoroughly treat the plants, paying attention to the inner side of the leaves.
Help "Horus" and infecting the culture with clasterosporium carpophilum. The disease causes tissue death, the fruits become ugly, withered. The first wetting of the crown conduct at Botanical, the second, the end of flowering. Excellent results gives the drug "Fast" in a ratio of 1 ampoule per 10 liters of water.
From aphids effective remedy is sulfur potassium, dilute matchbox of the drug in a bucket of water and treat the cherries. This solution not only harmful to the pests, but also beneficial to plants. With a strong aphid colonization can not do without pesticides: "INTA-VIR" or "a Spark" (1 tablet in a bucket of water) dissolve and opalite landing in the evening in calm weather. The last spray do for 20 days before harvest.
If planting infected cherry fly, pour circles of tree trunks with insecticides. Should do at least two treatments. The first is in period departure flies, it is possible to determine the flowering acacia. Re-spraying spend in two weeks.
To prevent the cherries you can spray after flowering or after harvest. In April, during Bud break, treat the plants with copper-containing drugs. This Bordeaux fluid with 1% you can buy ready-made or prepared by 100 g of copper sulphate dissolved in 5 litres of heated water in parallel in another container dissolve 100 grams of slaked lime in 5 l of water. Pour a solution of sulphate of lime in the milk, use immediately. A valid use of drugs "Carotid", "Homicid", "Kurosan" − apply according to instructions.
In may, after flowering, requires repeated spraying of Bordeaux mixture or copper oxychloride. In the summer you can handle crown with a solution of iron sulphate, it will save the cherries from pests and diseases, fertilize planting trace elements. In the autumn, before leaf drop, the trees and the soil under them pour the urea solution 500-700 g per 10 liters of water.