You will need
  • Powder of ferrous sulfate, capacity for solution, atomizer.
Iron sulphate is available and cheap means to increase fruiting and pest control. As a fungicide, use it for processing garden trees, shrubs and ornamental plants from damage by scab, fruit rot, leaf spot of strawberry and raspberry, Anthracnose currant rust. The use of sulphate has beneficial effects on plants, tree bark becomes smooth, the leaves turn a rich color. Increases fruit yield.
Also vitriol and destroys insects and their larvae. They disinfect the walls of the cellars and vegetable stores. It can be used as micronutrient fertilizer, to enrich the soil with iron. This is especially useful for apples, pears, plums, cherries. Won't hurt feeding in the form of spray and vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage. Also iron sulphate (1 kg) together with the compost (100 kg) made to the soil during the autumn or spring digging.
For the disinfection of wounds on fruit trees, prepare a mixture of 100 g of ferrous sulfate and 1 liter of water and treat the damage on the trunks. The same chemic composition in the fall (October−November) trees, whitewash destroys great fungi spores. It is impossible to bleach to mix the solution of iron with lime. To combat scab, black rot, use 5-7% solution of sulphate, it is simple – an 8 litre bucket of water, spread 500-600 g of dry matter and spray the trees. Do it in the fall, after harvest. In the spring, before Bud break, do 1 treatment, the concentration of the solution reduce to 1%.
For the treatment of shrubs 250 g sulphate diluted in 10 liters of water, roses from black spot spray with a weak solution of 30 g per 10 liters of water. For the purpose of dealing with the Apple sucker, use a 3% solution of iron powder. If the trunks of fruit trees appeared harbingers of lichen – barely noticeable patches of moss, take immediate action. Prepare a composition of 5% iron sulfur and ash exhaust, cover that part of tree trunks in the autumn, after petal fall leaves. This is the most effective way of dealing with lichen and moss.